Learn the amazing art and sport of Judo at Kaizen Judo Sunbury.

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Sunbury Neighbourhood House  531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury 3429    +61 418 144 236    kaizenjudo@y7mail.com

Hi Marek,  I just want to tell you that you play a very important role in Jakes training and life, he looks up to you, not just as an instructor but as a mentor and idol. He always remembers what you tell him and keeps repeating your words at home, he has your photo in a frame beside his bed and he even took it last week to school for show and tell. I have to tell you Marek that I can’t thank you enough for your support and effort you have put towards Jake. There is an old saying that I've once heard, it says " Champions are Discovered and Made NOT Born" so hopefully thanks to you we shall live this saying!




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